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Storing Your Items: What Is and Is Not Allowed

Most people know there are a few things you cannot stow away in a storage room. For new users or people who have little experience with these agreements, they may not know the full list. We will cover several items to provide a broad list. The individual state or company may use any or none of these items in their contract. We recommend reading the fine print carefully to find any items you cannot store to prevent any issues.

Major Storage No-No's

Anything that will catch fire is not acceptable. Hazardous items are also on this list. For example, diesel or gasoline, spray paint, oxygen tanks, and propane cylinders cannot go in temporary storage units. People and animals cannot use the room to live or conduct business. Plants are other things you cannot store. Products that animals will want are not acceptable for storage rooms.

Anything that can cause mold growth is a health hazard. For instance, if someone drops a lava lamp, and the water saturates several boxes, they must go. Leaving wet cardboard in the unit can promote a moldy environment.

Examples Of Common Hazardous And Combustible Materials

Some people may not realize a product classifies as dangerous or toxic. For example, household bleach is something people cannot put in a storage unit. Roofing tar, paint, bug spray, fertilizer, and bathroom cleaners are not allowed.

One common item people forget can explode is cooking spray. The contents of the can are under pressure. If the can gets too hot, then it can blow up. Diabetic needles are other items that cannot go in temporary storage rooms. Fireworks, batteries, and kerosene lamps are better left in the basement or the garage.

Items Great For Temporary Storage

Bulky furniture, seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, business inventory, and books are the perfect items to stow away. People who want to declutter the house, prep for an open house, or remodel may find a storage unit extremely helpful. If a person does not have a garage, then these units work well to protect boats, motorcycles, and ATV's from the weather.

Something most people do not know they can store is alcohol. Whether a person is stocking up for a party, or they want to keep the stash under lock and key, storing these bottles is acceptable. Tires take up space and look unsightly laying all over the yard. Even neatly organized, these items look bad and get in the way. Hide them away in a storage room.

Prepare For Extended Vacations

Hiding family heirlooms in the safety deposit box makes perfect sense when people plan to go out of town. What about new appliances, televisions, sound systems, music equipment, or expensive sports equipment? People who plan to leave for a long break might want to rent a storage unit.

Other Acceptable Storage Items

Non-perishable food is allowed in most storage rooms. Canned goods and foods in canning jars will not leak and stack well. Since boxes of these items are heavy, renters may want to use small boxes, milk crates, or set up shelves for storing prep items. Old trophies, extra photos, and seasonal decor are great items for these units. Storing these things will reduce clutter and minimize cleaning time.

While each company has a specific agreement regarding what items can and cannot go in their units, most have similar restrictions. To find out the exact list, look closely at any contract before signing it. Renters can also purchase unit insurance to cover items in case of theft or damage while in storage.

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